Middle School


    We welcome you to our unique middle school, where tweens come to regard problem solving not just as a way to approach math problems, but also as an approach to life.  It is a place that achieves a high standard of academic excellence within a rich and protective emotional environment that allows our students to simply be themselves.
     Our nurturing, small classroom environment allows us to tend to each child as he or she unfurls and blooms which sets us apart from other public middle schools. In addition, our educational philosophy, based on the concept of inquiry, (question asking) also makes us extraordinary. Our aim as middle school educators is to inspire the love of learning and teach students the skills needed to "learn how to learn" and become fine global citizens.
      And these world citizens in the making are also taught practical matters through a unique class, only offered through our school, High School Prep, which uses students’ individual projects to develop their initiative and practice goal setting and planning.
     What follows are other exceptional aspects of our middle school to give you insight into our educational program.
-  Science includes weekly hands-on labs that teach students in the way they learn best: by doing.
-  Language Arts class involves students in many writing exercises. Because the numbers are fewer than at larger middle schools, the teacher can spend more time editing individual student writing.
-  Math students are grouped by ability instead of by grade level. Math levels extend into geometry for those who are ready for the challenge.
-   Electives allow parents the opportunity to become involved more closely with their child’s learning and peer group. Some of these electives offered have been Creative Writing, Drama, Robotics, Karate, Japanese, Gardening, Cooking, Odyssey of the Mind, Chess, Mosaics, Cartooning, Typing, Sports, etc.
These parent-led electives supplement our standard electives of Art, Music and Spanish.
-  Students meet in their grade-level “Homerooms” each morning to check-in and to hold weekly class meetings. Following the Positive Discipline format, meetings begin with appreciations and then move on to student and teacher generated agenda items and announcements. We listen to students and allow them the opportunity to take responsibility for their actions.
-  Regular evening curriculum meetings with parents and core teachers keep parents informed of the curriculum, positive discipline problem solving and the latest academic research.
-  Teachers are usually available every day before or after school for quick check-ins without going through a secretary.   While the middle school teachers are available after school, all three middle school teachers are together on campus Thursday from 3:00 - 3.30.
Report cards may include teacher notes that help explain the grade given. Conferences are held two times a year and include teacher, parent and student. Additional meetings are arranged as needed.
-  Finally, from a community at large point of view, the middle school’s close contact with the elementary school allows our students to be role models. The younger students provide many opportunities for the middle-schoolers to participate in community service projects on our own campus.
      As you observe our school, no doubt you’ll witness the care of our diligent teachers and a crop of students in full bloom.
Grading periods:
We break the year into 4 quarters and email a progress report within two weeks after the close of each quarter, except for the end of the year report which will be sent within three weeks after the close of the school year.  Families without email will receive a paper report.  The quarters for the 2014/2015 school year end on October 10, Dec 19, March 6 and May 29th.  We use the grading program JupiterGrades so that parents and students have online access to grades.

What NOT to Bring:
Cell phones, ipods or other electronics
Gum, sodas, power drinks
During school these items must be put into school lockers and are to remain there until after school is out. 
PE Uniforms:
        Shorts, old team shorts are fine. At least a 7” inseam. No pockets.
        T-shirt  or tank top. 5” below waist must meet SREC personal appearance policy.

        Athletic shoes and socks required.
        Bag with name to hold uniform.
        Label all items.
        Uniforms go home on Friday for washing.
        Students who do not dress out will lose participation points, but will participate in all PE activities.